Almost a year later – Carbonator v2!

Almost a year ago I launched the Carbonator project, a mobile app for social carb counting. Although it had a few bugs, I got enough feedback to know that people cared about the idea and wanted to see it finished. Well, now I’m working on Carbonator version 2.

I’ve learned a lot since last year and now have a designer, iPhone app developer and diabetes researcher helping me with the new app. I want version 2 to be easier to use and to give faster carb counts, so it’s truly useful to us all.

If you’d like to help, I’d really appreciate if you’d share the link to the new Carbonator website at and sign up to the mailing list there. I’d love Carbonator to reach everyone who’d benefit from it, and to have a strong community of carb counters using it.

Right from the start Carbonator has been very community led. I’d love to hear your thoughts and requests for the new app, so please let me know what you’d like it to do for you.