Get Involved

The Carbonator’s made by and for the diabetes community. Help it become the best it can be.

Give your feedback

Share your ideas on the Carbonator feedback forum. Write a blog post, comment or tweet about on the Carbonator. Your ideas will shape how the Carbonator’s built and what it does for you.

Design a logo

Recognise the diabetes blue circle? The Carbonator needs something extra to make it stand out. And if you’d like to help design the app, this blog, or something else, please get in touch.

Spread the word
The Carbonator is all about making carb counting social. The more people using it, the better. Please spread the word!

Make a donation

Help cover the costs of running, developing and promoting the Carbonator. Make a donation with Paypal

If you’d like to help or be involved in another way, please be in touch.

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