Plans for the Carbonator

One week in, here’s a round up of how the Carbonator’s doing and my plans for it.

The story so far…

It all began on Allison BlassFantasy Diabetes Device post at Diabetes Mine. I loved Allison’s Carbonator 5000 idea, as did everyone else who left a comment!

Realising we could have something a bit like the Carbonator 5000 today, I built The Carbonator web site and The Carbonator iPhone app. They let you post meals, leave comments and carb counts on them, and see the average carb count from the community. It’s not quite your futuristic vision, Allison, but it’s the nearest I can do with 2012’s technology. Call it the Carbonator 2000 for now!

Meeting the community

The Carbonator’s also on Twitter. I’ve talked with Allison Blass, plus Brian Bosh and Rachel Kerstetter, who also commented on Allison’s post. Thanks to your tweets I’ve also met other diabetic technologists Kewl Innovations and Jolt dude.

Kewl make the rather cool ClimaPak, a portable temperature controlled insulin store (there’s a great interview with them about it on A Sweet Life).

I’m also getting to know the online diabetic communities around Diabetes Mine like DiabeticConnect, the Diabetes Hands Foundation and the New Diabetes Movement. And looking for recipes I found diabetic Chef Robert Lewis, who’s flatbread pizza I’m counting at 120 carbs!

Next steps

Technology wise, I’m looking to get the iPhone app finished and launch it on the app store. The login, comment and upload features are nearly ready for launch.

But the main thing now is to keep reaching out. I’d like to know who else would find the Carbonator useful, what you’d like it to do, and how I can make it most useful to the community.

Here’s where I need your help to move things forward.

I’d like to know who finds it useful enough right now that they could help guide its development. Would you like to beta test and shape the app? You can suggest features and vote for ideas on the feedback page, and leave comments here on the blog or on Twitter.

Can you tell the community about it? The Carbonator is a social carb counting app, the more people using it, the more useful it becomes. Please share the links and spread the word among the diabetic online community.

And do you have other ideas for how to develop it, perhaps connecting or partnering with existing diabetes organisations? I’m starting to learn about the many diabetes programs run by groups like the Diabetes Hands Foundation. If you know of a project that could use this technology, would like to connect, partner or explore options with me, please be in touch.

Ultimately I want the Carbonator to be the best it can be – as useful as possible to everyone who’d like to use it. However it develops from here, I hope it’s helpful to you.


2 comments on “Plans for the Carbonator

  1. […] We never in a million years expected someone to pick up on our own contribution for the Fantasy Diabetes Device, but designer Ollie Glass has decided to turn the Magic Carbonator 5000 into a reality! Well, almost… Check out his version of the idea! […]

  2. I think the cool thing about it is that those of us who are good carb counters can make a backlog of meals that others can get ideas from. I really need to figure out a way to make my meals more exciting and who better than other T1s to help me

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