How quickly does the Carbonator need to work?

Allison Blass got in touch on Twitter and wondered if the Carbonator could work quickly enough:

So when the Carbonator becomes, you know, the most popular carb counting app in the world, you’ll just post a picture of a bowl of soup and know exactly how many carbs are in it by the time you’ve buttered the bread. I’m sure that kind of popularity is just around the corner, but in the meantime it can be useful with just a few users.

Say you post a photo of a mystery dish, but you don’t get a count until a week after you’ve eaten it. When you do get some counts, you’ll have learned something. If the Carbonator can give advice and feedback on meals after you’ve eaten them, you’ll get better at doing your own counts in future. Reviewing a food diary helps you learn to count carbs, and getting feedback makes learning easier and faster. Like Allison says in her original post, carb counting is a crapshoot. Who doesn’t get a count wrong or make a guess about a mystery dish every now and then? The longer you’ve been counting, the better you get at doing this. But it needn’t take so long to learn, and we don’t need to learn alone. The Carbonator can make learning to count carbs quicker, easier and maybe even fun.

More people Carbonating would be nice though, so as well as friends and volunteers counting for each other I see another opportunity here. What if you could hire a dietician or diabetes educator to work remotely and give you counts at meal times? There are already diet and lifestyle coaches offering their services over the phone, this would be a new way for them to work with you. Some kind of premium service could be built into the app eventually – you could buy Carb Credits for your account and get all of your meal photos counted for a week. So if you want fat, protein and Glycemic Index counts for that photo as well, and you can pay for the service, they’re yours.


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